My Expertise

My Expertise

I am an expert in reducing a company’s exposure to legal risk and in cutting what it pays for legal services.

Client Needs & Results

I work for business clients who feel that they are spending too much on lawyers and getting too little risk protection in return.

After working with me, clients see fewer liability and regulatory mishaps. And they spend measurably less on their lawyers in-house and in law firms.

As a result, executive management can focus company funds — and their attention — on something more constructive than legal problems: Building the business.

Where My Expertise Comes From

My expertise has two sources: 20-plus years as a lawyer for corporate clients and 12 years as a business executive at Whirlpool and GE.

After practicing law for ten years — first at a Wall Street law firm and then trying cases to juries — I accepted a corporate client’s offer to run one of its divisions as a general manager. After 12 years as an executive at Whirlpool and GE I founded a law firm serving transportation businesses.

These experiences on both sides of the lawyer / client table led me to three conclusions:

First, legal catastrophes do not “just happen” — they come from operational failures in the business that arise before any attorney is involved. Working directly with front-line employees upfront to avoid liability and regulatory pitfalls is safer than cleaning up legal messes after they happen — and it is a lot cheaper.

Second, when executive management needs answers to technical questions of law or guidance with courts or government regulators, it is unwise to second-guess their attorneys.  Executives who doubt their lawyers should take the trouble to get a second opinion — and not engage in DIY legal analysis.

Third, though most lawyers are good at legal analysis and representation, they are bad at cost control. The vast majority of attorneys — whether in-house or in law firms — accept their profession’s billable-hour business model, which is based on maximizing time charged to the client. This turns what should be a fiduciary relationship into a zero-sum game between attorney and client.

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